About Us

HPC Business Consultants started in 1989. There was a need for business turnaround at an affordable price. Henry Czubkowski (Owner) with a Business degree and a Management background started helping businesses increase their profits.

Besides businesses, churches needed setting up more efficient ways of record keeping and office management. With a background in church accounting and computers, this opened up a new avenue.

HPC Business Consultants started as a business turnaround company. Becoming effective in this field, churches started contacting HPC to help in restructuring their management structures. We brought churches, Christian schools, non-profits, and other businesses to a new level of organization by using unique systems and processes.

Having a strong church management system is necessary to keep your office or organization running efficiently. Many churches and schools depend on volunteers to lighten the workload, but this can take more time than is available. Your time is valuable. HPC offers church management systems that can help you manage your church more efficiently while increasing membership and solidifying your finances, so you can spend your time doing what is important to you.

These timesaving programs will free up your staff’s time so that they can serve your congregation more effectively. With many success stories, HPC Business Consultants can help your business or church become more effective in your daily operations.

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